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TWLF20-B2 Doser

TWLF20-B2 type micro doser unit is a new product developed according to the current market demand. It has the features of novel structure, beautiful shape, smooth operation, even feeding and high accuracy. Since it was put into the market, it has been welcome by large number of users. 


It is mainly used to add modifier, vitamin and other powder additives in flour, and also can be used to add trace materials in feed, food, pharmacy and chemical industry 

2. Parameters 

(1) Barrel volume: 3kg

(2) Feeding speed: 1-6g/min, 3-15g/min, 5-25g/min, 6-36g/min 

(3) Power: 50W

(4) Motor RPM: 0-170 

(5) Dimension: 56cm×28cm×36cm 


The machine is mainly composed of dc servomotor, turbine reducer, dc motor governor (flow regulator), screw push shaft, mixing shaft, barrel, rack and so on

The machine can adjust the speed of dc servo motor in the range of 0-170 RPM through the dc motor governor, so that the size of the added dose can be adjusted by changing the speed of feed shaft to meet the needs of different users. The mixing shaft plays the role of mixing and preventing agglomeration through operation. 

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