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30T Maize Milling Machine


From pit in the ground, dirty maize will flow into the 1# bucket elevator, and this elevator will brings maize into the vibrator to remove bigger and smaller impurities than maize kernels, magnet separator will be able to remove metal stuff before cleaning; then kernels goes to destoner via 2# bucket elevator to remove same sized stone and mud. the clean maize will be conditioned by the dampener and be taken to the dampening bin through 3# elevator, where the moistened maize will be tempered.The conditioned maize then goes to the dehuller, first phase break and degerming is done here. 

In the milling system, the roller will grind, shear and peel, after continuous milling and grading/sifting, skin and germ on the grits will be further separated again and again. After the treatment from twinsifter, the finished powder will be collected and packed through air flow system. 

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