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15T Pelletizing Machine


The 3FS series crusher is specially used for the crushing of concentrated feed (maize, sorghum, wheat, dry sweet potato and bean cake smash) and coarse fodder (such as maize straw, beanstalk, peanut residue and dry ruderal). You can get different crudeness or fineness flour by changing the mesh pieces/screen.

Together with auger, mixer and pelletizer, you can make pellets feed for cattle, sheep, pigs, chicken and fish. 

It is ideal equipment for animal feed making on farm and pasture for family use or commercial purpose.

Screw auger is widely used in industrial areas for mechanization and automation transport purpose. 

The working theory of the feeder is that when it works, the rotating screw paddles will push the materials move forward, there are vertical feeder, gradient and horizontal feeder which are named according to the working angels. Vertical screw feeder is for 90°conveying, horizontal feeder is for conveying less than 20 above the horizon, gradient feeder works between slop 20°to 90°. 

This mixer is designed for blending of Biological organic fertilizer, animal feed and annexing agent. Widely used in small and medium animal feed or compound organic fertilizer industries.

KWH series ring die pelletizer can turn different powdery feedstuff into different size feedstuff particles, it is most ideal equipment for small and medium animal feed industries.

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