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Flat Die Pelletizer

The pelletizer is for making pellets from Maize, bean dreg, straw, grass, hulls etc. the pellets can be different sizes for fish, chicken, duck, rabbit, sheep, cows, cattle, pigs and dogs.

Capacity of the pelletizer from 80kg per hour to 3000kg per hour, Power from 2.2kw to 45kw customized.   


1. No need drying, raw material moisture no less than 13%. 

2. Can be driven by either electric motor or diesel engine 

3. Extruding granulation and polishing technology, low power consumption and high yield.  

4. Simple to operate, just need one operator

5. Low noise, small floor space occupation, very little maintenance requirement.  

6. Length of pellets adjustable, diameter of finished products Φ3mm—6mm. 

7. During pelletizing, a certain degree of maturation starch happens and produces aroma, the heat and press will kill all kinds of parasitic ovum and other pathogenic microorganisms so that the digest will be easier and improve palatability. 

8. The pelletizer can also make fertilizer, wood pellets etc. 

9. The form board and press roll are made of high alloy wear resistant materials that has longer lifespan.  

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