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  • 8T Maize Mill Machine

    If you are planning for a small maize milling business at affordable costs, this 8T milling machine will be most ideal. As a smart design, this whole line includes dirty maize cleaner, dehuller, crusher and automatic feed roller milling system plus the packing section. Compact structure with small godown size, power saving and labor saving characteristics that will satisfy you.

  • 12T Maize Mill Machine

    Besides the good cost performance, this design has bigger capacity than 7T mill, nice choice as for small scale commercial purpose milling; the compact structure equally designed with cleaning, dehulling and milling system, just need a small godown size, the power saving and labor saving performance win the favor of millers.

  • 20T Maize Mill Machine

    This Maize mill is one of the best sellers for commercial purpose milling business with automatic efficient line from cleaning to conditioning and milling systems. If you want to start a competitive milling business to change life, this one would be a perfect choice.

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KG Mills Ltd is a professional company mainly dealing with importation, supplying and installation of agricultural and foodstuffs related machinery, we focus on giving the best solution for grain milling machine, machine spare parts, installation and offer sale services. Our goal is to create a platform to help Kenyans and East Africans as a whole to start their own business so as to improve their lives.


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